Quogue School Superintendent Blasts New State Curriculum


Despite his district boasting some of the best numbers in the recently released state test scores, Quogue School Superintendent Richard Benson still decried the newly reformed testing standards during his district’s Board of Education meeting on Tuesday morning.

“It just shows you that the state didn’t think this through,” he said. “We should have had more time to implement [the] common core [curriculum]. … We only had a year and a half to implement it over four grade levels.”

The math and English test scores, which were released for districts throughout the state last week, were the first that evaluated the knowledge of students under a new, more comprehensive curriculum called common core.

A majority of Quogue third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders met the standards of this year’s tests, with no less than 63 percent of any grade passing each assessment. The percentages, however, still marked a significant dip for the district as it had many grades achieve 100 percent aptitude in both subjects last year, and no less than 78 percent of a grade meeting the standards for a subject.

“We have the highest scale score average of any district in the state, we’re pleased with that,” Mr. Benson said. “Looking at local districts around the surrounding area, we did very well compared to them as well.”

During the meeting the board voted to end the 4:30 p.m. bus route from the elementary school provided by the Montauk Bus Service because of lack of utilization. A similar measure was taken by many of the surrounding school districts, Mr. Benson said.

District Clerk Lisa Prosano said she did not know how much money cutting this bus route would save the district.

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