Search For Sag Harbor Burglar Continues


Reports of attempted home invasions and a subsequent burglary had police sweeping Sag Harbor Village late Saturday night, enlisting the help of Suffolk County Police Department helicopters and New York State Police K-9 units.

At 9:23 p.m., Sag Harbor Village Police responded to a call about a window left open and a cut screen at a residence whose location police declined to identify. Police said they had recently received similar calls and that only alcohol was missing from the other houses. Nothing was missing from the house with the cut screen on Saturday, police said.

While responding to that call, Sag Harbor Village Police received a separate report about a burglary in progress.

In this case, the victim was lying in bed when he heard a vehicle running in his driveway. Because he had guests staying at a cottage on his property, the resident thought nothing of it until he heard the back door to his house open and a person walk in. The resident told police that he yelled and the intruder ran off. Several items were found to be stolen from the house and the cottage.

No suspects were found, and the investigation is ongoing, police said.

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