Beachcomber, August 22


You can definitely tell it’s August, just by the sheer volume of people who are out here. I guess everyone is trying to enjoy the last few weeks of the summer.I don’t know if you have noticed, but the geese are back, and it seems to be much earlier than usual—that is always a very telling sign that fall is on its way. I cannot believe there are only two weekends left to this summer season! It’s just not possible …

Thursday night, I headed out to Captain’s Neck Lane and the lovely home of Jim Zuhusky for a fundraiser for Stan Glinka. Stan is running for Southampton Town Council this fall, and I think he would be an asset to our community. We gathered on the lawn by the pool for cocktails and a selection of edibles by Dockers that were excellent.

Seen: Bill Wright of Americana Mortgage Group from 11 Main Street (and the town’s Republican chairman), proud parents Stan and Kay Glinka, Mary and Morley Quatroche, Christine Scalera, Chris Nuzzi, Victoria Amory, Wendy and Carlos Routh, Jean Fitzsimmons, Ray Wesnofske, Dennis Suskind, Laura Danforth, Jodiann and John Fasano, Marianne and Mark Epley, and Tony Toscano.

Afterward, I headed over to Barkers Island Road to the Fresh Air Home for the campers’ prom night. Under a large awning with decorations, a DJ and great music, the campers where ready to party the night away, which is exactly what they did.

The evening starts off with a photo opportunity, where all the campers and counselors have their pictures taken. The boys are all dressed up, and the girls look so pretty. Earlier that day, a group of volunteers went to the camp to give all the girls a day of beauty, hair, nails and makeup in preparation for the prom. A very big thank you to Diane Holmes and her daughter Carrie, Carolynn Rockafellow and her niece Natalia Lopez-Balboa, Cristina Greeven Cuomo and her daughters Bella and Carolina, and Pam Walker and Rose Kernchan, to mention a few.

It is so wonderful to watch the campers enjoying their special night. I wish everyone could see the smiles and excitement on all the campers’ faces—it is a very humbling experience and a reminder of how important the home is and how necessary it is to support this amazing place. (Don’t forget that, starting in September, they will begin accepting donations for next year’s DDD fundraiser.)

Friday evening, it was off to a benefit for the Peconic Baykeeper at the Port of Missing Men, the lovely home of Willi Salm, which is set on a bluff overlooking the Peconic Bay. Breathtaking is the word to describe the view from the back lawn. What an amazing turnout for this worthy cause.

Seen enjoying the view: Phil Moloney and Bob Taft, Daphne Hoge, Barbara Frerichs, Lizi Obolensky, marine biologist Larry Little, Debbie and Noel Hare, Lisa and Rome Arnold, Adrienne White, Helga Dawn, Kim White and Kurt Wolfgruber, Nancy and Dan Herbert, Linda and Peter Talty, Cathy and Malcolm Price, Maureen and Steve Klinsky, Pam Michaelcheck, Rolf Heitmeyer, Susan Dunn, Judy and Jack Hadlock, Bill Baker and Mark Hughes, Peter Hallock, Barbara Sloan, Jeff Pfeifle, Amy Goodfriend, David Granville, Christl and Kenny Meszkat, James Alan and Gary Crane, Amy and Ray Cosman, Brett Beldock, and Michelle and Scott Lindsay.

Saturday, I spent time relaxing at home and enjoying the pool. We decided to head over to Hampton Bays for lunch at Tully’s Seafood Market. They have a wonderful outdoor space, and the clam rolls are delicious! Then it was back to Southampton to get ready for another busy night of parties.

First stop was on Daniel’s Hole Road at the Animal Rescue Fund’s adoption center for its annual Bow Wow Meow Ball. A series of tents set up on the grounds transformed the space into a lovely party atmosphere—and what better way to showcase all the wonderful animals available for adoption. I always find one that just gets to me, and this year it was a pair of mini pincher brothers named Jacob and Edward that were so wonderful I wanted to run away with both of them.

Cocktails, dinner and dancing were the order for the night, and thanks to Mother Nature, the weather was perfect.

Seen enjoying the night: Rosalie Brinton, Howard Marton, Jennifer Lobo, Lee Fryd, Sara Davison (ARF’s executive director), honoree for the night Bernadette Peters, Esther Paster, Sandra McConnell, Basil Zirinis, Kristi Witker and Walter Elliot, Dick Cavett (the emcee for the night), Beth Ostrosky Stern, Kathy and Billy Rayner, Patsy and Jeff Tarr, Candy and Mark Udell, Barbara Slifka, Lisa and Brian McCarthy, Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley, Carter Boardman, and Katharina Otto Bernstein.

The décor was done by Michael Grim, the owner of Bridgehampton Florist, who donated his talent. Peter Duchin and his Orchestra had the guests dancing the night away, and Christopher Mason served as the auctioneer for the live auction.

I made my way back to Southampton in time to attend the Southampton Bath and Tennis Club’s annual beach party, which was an absolute blast: Fabulous food, cocktails and a DJ playing great music, which meant dancing on the beach, made for a wonderful night.

Sunday, I decided to head out and hit some of the garage sales that were listed in The Press. A friend had told me of some of the great finds she had picked up at two sales she went to last week, so I thought it would be fun to see what I was missing. I could not believe all the great items people were selling, and I did have fun finding a few items for my place in Florida. I understand there are going to be a couple of really good sales over the next few weekends that are worth checking out …

This weekend is filled with private parties; I think everyone is trying to squeeze them in before the summer ends. Sunday, there is a 7-plus-mile scenic bike ride around Southampton Village. Southampton Hospital and the Tick Borne Disease Alliance (TBDA) are joining forces to help fight Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. What a great chance to get the entire family involved to support this cause.

Sunday is also the opening day of the Hampton Classic, which is the week-long horse show held in Bridgehampton. It’s a chance to watch some great riding, and, of course, there is always the wonderful boutique garden for shopping—it is the perfect family outing. Monday at the Classic is ASPCA Adoption Day, with celebrities such as Georgina Bloomberg and Jill Rappaport. It is also the finals of the Long Island Riders with disabilities, which is not to be missed.

Hope to see you there!

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