Citarella Owner Asks Southampton Village To Approve Drainage Project


Hampton Road Realty, the owner of a soon-to-be Citarella market in Southampton Village, has proposed a new drainage project for designated parking spaces outside the Hampton Road store to improve safety.

Officials said at a Southampton Village Board meeting on Tuesday that John Bennett, the owner’s attorney, has asked the village for approval to complete the project, which was first suggested by the Village Planning Board, before the store opens. Water now drains off of the building and pools into several parking spaces, freezing over in winter and creating a hazard for pedestrians and drivers.

The proposed project, which would be undertaken at the expense of the store owner, would fix the drainage and eliminate pooling problems. However, it needs approval from the village trustees since it would take place on village property.

On Tuesday afternoon, the trustees said they were interested in the project, but would first like to see a written request from the applicant outlining the specifics. The document would place all liability for the project on Citarella market, as well as liability for any future repairs and maintenance.

The Village Board said it expects to discuss the proposal further at its September meeting.

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