Amagansett Gallery Requests Change Of Zone For Retail


An Amagansett art gallery that borders the Main Street commercial business district has requested a change of zone from the East Hampton Town Board so that it can have a retail function.

Neoteric Fine Art, which is also known by the former business’s name at that property, Balasses House Antiques, is currently zoned as “limited business overlay,” which allows it to it operate as a gallery, but excludes certain retail activities, said Scott Bluedorn, owner and director of the business.

The landlord, Kate Bergmann, has requested that the town change its zoning to “commercial business,” which would broaden the types of retail possible at the property.

Mr. Bluedorn said, however, that Neoteric does not have specific retail plans, should its request be granted.

“This is really interesting thing, because there’s not a clear definition of what general retail allows you to sell that we’re not allowed to sell,” he said. “A limited-edition T-shirt is not a mass-produced item. At what point does it become a general retail item?”

In addition to holding special events, fundraisers, screenings, classes, workshops and performances, Neoteric also sells various types of art, including sculptures and mixed-media pieces, as well as antiques, vintage items and “eclectic things,” according to Mr. Bluedorn.

The Town Board briefly discussed how to proceed with the request during a recent work session and ultimately determined to discuss it at a future work session. Representatives from Balasses, including Ms. Bergmann, did not get to speak publicly at that time.

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