DEC Says It Is Investigating Noyac Sand Mine


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed this week that it is investigating conditions at a Noyac sand mine, known as Sand Land, that has been the subject of a lawsuit and scrutiny by Southampton Town, Suffolk County and state officials in recent years.

Bill Fonda, a spokesman for the DEC, said he could not confirm what aspect, or aspects, of the Millstone Road business being conducted on the property is a focus of the investigation. The property is a sand mine, but has also been used as a composting facility and for rock grinding. Town officials have ordered that the rock grinding and composting operation to be halted by the owner, but attorneys for the sand mine are appealing the ruling.

Neighbors of the business, who include The Bridge golf course owner Bob Rubin, have stated that a number of activities specifically barred from the site are ongoing, and that they have filed a number of complaints against the business.

Mike Wright

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