Water Mill Community Notes, August 29


Much like the pumpkins that seem to suddenly pop up in a bright orange display of fall color, a red barn has stolen the show at Hank’s Pumpkintown.The barn has been a long time coming as the Kraszewski highly successful pumpkin patch, which does not even come close to adequately describing it, has outgrown the collection of sheds that housed the various kiosks there. Now, they will all be under one roof and it’s such a nice one!

According to Lynne Kraszewski, who runs Hank’s Pumpkintown with her husband Hank, and the couple’s two children, Kristin and Hank III, the family had been thinking about erecting a barn on the property for a while now but they got a little push when they heard the town was not thrilled with the number of sheds that had been popping up over the years. And given that every time they moved the sheds, they became more and more compromised, it seemed to make sense to house everything in a barn, sooner rather than later.

Kristin, who is an accomplished baker and has been selling pies at the farm stand for several years, will finally have her own commercial kitchen in one corner of the barn, as well as retail space for the pies. Candy apples will also be available, now made right on the spot and not purchased from a vendor. Next year, the younger Hank will start making cider and visitors to the farm stand will be able to watch the process from a viewing spot. This takes a bit longer to get in place because the process of making cider is highly regulated, Lynne pointed out.

If you’re looking for the famous Kraszewski roasted corn, that operation will still be outside because the smell would overpower everything inside the retail space of the barn.

Another advantage of the barn is that the entire operation will not have to shut down in foul weather plus the lovely wraparound porch will have seating—beautiful benches made by the Amish—from which to enjoy the view and so much more. Another wonderful addition is the permanent gazebo to cover the area where the pumpkins are weighed and purchased.

Hank’s Pumpkintown opens September 14 for the weekends only and will be closed during the week until the season hits its stride. Go to www.hankspumpkintown.com for up-to-date information.

In other news, it’s amazing that it’s lasted as long as it has, but the tail shaft on the windmill at the hamlet green has finally snapped. It’s now being buoyed by wooden supports until it can be replaced, which, you guessed it, costs money. The Water Mill Village Improvement Association will take donations in any amount. Send checks to Water Mill Village Improvement Association, Box 351, Water Mill, NY 11976. And if you happen to have a 40-foot red oak, they will gladly take that too.

Over at Hampton Hang, a new show opens on Saturday.

Charlotte Filbert: Stand Up is a “series of paintings and installations, connoting change and encouraging people to stand up at a time in our culture when action is desperately needed,” according to a press release. An opening reception will take place on Saturday, from 6 to 8 p.m. The gallery is behind Suki Zuki in Water Mill. More information is available at www.hamptonhang.com.

And congrats to my next door neighbors, Linda and Gary Aldrich, on the birth of another grandchild. Callie Lynn Aldrich was born on August 15 to Matt and Brandy Aldrich. She weighed in at 5 pounds, 8 ounces. She has an older brother, McCoy.

Wait, did somebody say Labor Day? Wasn’t it just Fourth of July? Summer goes by too fast.

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