Montauk Community Notes, September 12


Rosh Hashanah delayed or softened most school openings with bonus days off. Saturday in downtown Montauk, I noted many families with young kids waiting in line for breakfast and lunch in front of Main Street restaurants. This week it’s time to get down to business.

The Mendelson house is empty of young adults for the first time since mid-May. Most of the summer there were three Albanian guys in the big room over our garage. The room is like a bohemian studio, without a kitchen or a separate bath. When you’re a guy age 19 or 23, fine points like this don’t matter. In fact, they loved it. Checking to see what housekeeping’s in store, I was amused to see the guys had exchanged my father’s watercolor for a mirror over the chest of drawers. I could see only the top of my head in the mirror. These guys are tall.

The two brothers left before their friend, who goes by the name “Tee.” His real Albanian name would be too hard for me to learn, he said. My husband invited Tee for dinner. Always working, the two brothers had mostly evaded my inquisitiveness, so thinking this is my last chance, I ask Tee a few questions. Here’s what I learned

All three boys are from Pristina, a small, war-torn city. When the Kosovo conflict occurred, Tee was 6 years old. Tee and his family fled to Turkey six days after the war started to stay with relatives. After the war they returned to Prishtina. He said the suburbs were destroyed.

Don asks Tee how he learned English. Although not as fluent as the other two boys. Tee didn’t learn English at school. He learned by listening to recordings by rapper Lil Wayne. Don and I are astonished; I’ve never heard of Lil Wayne. Tee, who began playing baseball at age 12, almost became a professional basketball player with the Euro League. A sports injury prevented him from going professional.

Don and I have been chuckling about the “Lil Wayne school of English.”

On Saturday, Atlantic Beach Realty enjoyed a visit from two athletes from East Hampton High School: senior Sam Walker, son of kindergarten teacher Kathy Walker at Montauk School, and junior Tyler Quaresimo. Sporting football uniforms, they were selling discount cards to raise funds for their team. They asked me to say hi to “Mr. D,” Brad Dickinson, always a favorite history teacher at Montauk School. Mr. Dickenson also holds a desk at ABRG.

Seafood by the Bay is this Thursday, September 12. It is a fundraiser lunch to benefit Montauk Community Church at scenic Duryea’s Lobster Deck. Tickets, $40 per person, may be purchased by calling 668-1303 or email Ticket price includes one appetizer and one entrée from the regular menu and take-out will be available. If all 100 tickets aren’t sold, you can purchase your tickets at Duryea’s before the lunch. Seatings are at noon and 1 p.m. Longtime Montauk Community Church members Chip and Wendy Duryea are generously donating all proceeds. For more information, please phone the church office at 668-2022.

On Sunday, September 15, Sunday school classes resume at Montauk Community Church for pre-K through grade 8. At 10 a.m. children attend the 10 a.m. service with parents, then proceed to Sunday school classrooms after the children’s sermon. Contact the church office to register or just show up at church with your kids Sunday at 10. It’s a big friendly group and the teachers are great. New students are more than welcome.

On Tuesday, September 17, is the third annual golf outing at Montauk Downs to benefit St. Therese Church. The $200 entry fee includes a continental breakfast and buffet luncheon. Another way to support the event is to purchase raffle tickets for a drawing to be held at the luncheon. All proceeds go toward sprucing up St. Therese’s parish center.

It’s time also for the St. Therese annual Cherub Chances raffle to support the nursery school program. The raffle helps keep tuition affordable, enabling more Montauk children to benefit from early childhood education. Tickets are $100 each; only 400 tickets will be sold for a fantastic list of prizes. The winning ticket is drawn at a cocktail party on Sunday, October 6, at Harvest Restaurant from 2 to 4 p.m.

For more information on both St. Therese events, please call the parish center at 668-2200.

Best of luck to those fortunate enough to be ticketholders for the Big Bucks Bonanza at Montauk Fire Department. The event is this Sunday, September 15. Gates open at 1 p.m., drawings start at 2 p.m. and the party lasts til 4:30 p.m. Tickets are sold out.

Patria Baradi Pacis thoughtfully sent me a description of the Over 90’s Party Luncheon, held Thursday, August 29, at Montauk Community Playhouse. The special lunch was planned by Executive Director Eileen Bock along with her volunteers and, according to Ms. Pacis, was a huge success.

Guests entering the Senior Nutrition Room were welcomed with a framed, poster-sized proclamation. “Congratulations, ‘90’ and over Nonagenarians.” Written in blue, the words were adorned by ribbons, fishnets and tiny seashells to go with the nautical theme.

Ten happy celebrants, in their Sunday best with white carnation corsages on their lapels were recognized: Andrew Libasci (90), Marion Kelley (90), Teresa Harrington (90), Marianne Menonna (91), Virginia Erario (91), Rosalind Baiardi (92), Lucille Malouche (93), Catherine C. McCabe (93), Sylvia Kuznicki (93), and Marjorie Lewis (94). White and blue balloons were tied to their honorary chairs.

Each honoree was presented with a proclamation in a blue folder, by Eileen Bock and Michele Rothar, case manager of the Department of Human Services. Ms. Rothar attended on behalf of East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson. The proclamation, read in part:

“Whereas, the Town of East Hampton is honored to recognize our senior citizen population; … the Town of East Hampton reveres and lauds our seniors for their resilience, good judgment, involvement with and dedication to our town and people, and their keen perception of the events of today and tomorrow as a result of their valuable experiences of yesteryear.

Our older generations continue to instill knowledge upon our youth to respect our community and its members; and through remaining active in the community and its affairs. Our seniors preserve our traditions and heritage for future generations to come …” Signed, William J. Wilkinson, Supervisor, Town of East Hampton, New York.

More than 50 seniors, as thrilled as teenagers on prom night, along with invited relatives and friends, were served a full roast turkey royal luncheon. For dessert there was blueberries with whipped cream.

Ms. Pacis said it was a gorgeous day to thank our seniors for their priceless contributions. She said one could sense everyone enjoyed the occasion. Ms. Pacis misses her mother, Eden Guevara Baradi, who died last year. Her mother would have been 103.

Catch the first-ever Montauk Seafood Festival at Montauk Marine Basin, West Lake Drive, next Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22, from noon to 5 p.m. Montaukers have always known our seafood is the best. Sample the bounty from local restaurants and caterers with signature dishes and sea treats. These promise to be fun days with a snapper derby, goldfish racing and fish prints on the dock for the kids as well as live music, raffles and a Fishing Legends Q&A. Free admission and parking. For more info, call (516) 660-0100, e-mail or visit

The festival is presented by Kiwanis Club of East Hampton and Montauk Friends of Erin. Proceeds to benefit Toys for Tots, pediatric trauma, Montauk’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and scholarships for local students.

At the Library

Sunday, September 15, the Montauk Library features “Chinese Culture, A Treasure the World Can Share” by Dr. George Wei, who will present a slide lecture and two videos for an overview of one of the world’s oldest cultures. Dr. Wei is an engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Sustainable Energy Technologies Department where his research focuses on ways to make oil and gas equipment more efficient while reducing pollution.

Dr. Wei’s presentation is in honor of Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar during a full moon, in September or early October, around the time of the autumnal equinox. In the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau it is a national holiday.

Upcoming at the library, Anne Tedesco, classical pianist, performs a concert of works written for piano by celebrated composers Greig, Brahms, Schuman, Ravel, Mozart, Chopin and Chabrier, on Sunday, September 22, at 3:30 p.m.

The library’s story hour for preschool children begins again Monday, September 23, at a new time, 11:45 a.m. Children’s librarian Miss Korpi will read stories, lead songs, and teach crafts.

Please phone 668-3377 or visit for more information on these and other Montauk Library programs.

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