Springs School Picks New Assistant Principal


The Springs School Board on Monday night selected a new assistant principal, a data specialist at a Hempstead charter school.

Cleopatra Panagiosoulis, who currently works at the Evergreen Charter School and also does data work for the Eastern Suffolk Board of Cooperative Educational Services, was chosen from a pool of 168 applicants, outgoing Interim Superintendent Dominic Mucci announced.

Board members voted to allow the district to prepare her contract, a resolution that did not appear on the evening’s agenda. Mr. Mucci said she had just come in earlier that evening for one last meeting. After the board meeting, he said that her start date is not yet set, but should be soon.

Ms. Panagiosoulis, whom Mr. Mucci said also has experience in the New York City public schools and has been a kindergarten and English as a second language teacher, is fluent in Spanish and Greek.

“We think she’ll be a fine addition to the staff,” Mr. Mucci said. “We look forward to having her join us.”

Ms. Panagiosoulis will assume her post following the quiet, abrupt departure last spring of the previous assistant principal, Dr. Katherine Byrnes, who was hired in August 2012. Dr. Byrnes had been linked to a state investigation into an “irregularity” on state tests that spring.

Although Mr. Mucci led Monday’s meeting, it was actually the first day of new Interim Superintendent Jay Finello.

The new district leader was quickly hired last week after the district’s request for a state waiver to keep Mr. Mucci another year was denied. The waiver was needed because Mr. Mucci is under 65, retired, collecting a pension, and this year would have been paid more than the $30,000 allowed by the state. He was slated to receive a salary of $105,000.

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