Tuckahoe School To Use Summer Scores As A Benchmark For The New Year


Administrators and teachers from the Tuckahoe School District are developing a new program that allows them to use test data from summer classes to help teachers during the new school year.

According to Kevin Storch, principal of the Magee Street school, approximately 134 students participated in the summer program this year. It was aimed at keeping students minds’ fresh during the summer and helping them meet their academic goals. At the beginning of the summer, Mr. Storch said, students were tested using the Standardized Testing And Reporting, or STAR, program in English and mathematics. Students were tested again at the end of the summer to track their progress.

Now, Mr. Storch said, the new teachers for these students are being given the testing information and the data collected over the summer to help them form small working groups, to let them know who their stronger and weaker readers are and to gauge the math skills of individual students.

“The tests tried to measure individual student growth,” Mr. Storch told Board of Education members during the September meeting on Monday. “Based on students’ initial scores, we could design individual student instruction plans for each summer student.”

Mr. Storch said he believes the program has been a success and that he hopes it can continue in the future.

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