Bridgehampton Fire Department Puts Wainscott Land Up For Sale


The Bridgehampton Fire District is holding a fire sale, looking for someone to purchase a small, 0.14-acre piece of land that it owns on Wainscott’s Main Street for no less than $925,000.

At 6,000 square feet, the vacant land at 113 Wainscott Main Street, is zoned for residential use, but could only accommodate a 700-square-foot house. According to Fire Commissioner Steve Halsey, it serves no purpose for the district.

“The property is not large enough to put a firehouse on it and no one would put a firehouse in a residential area anyway,” he said. “The parcel of land was given to us many years ago, and we have absolutely no use for it, so we declared it as surplus.”

He said in 1972 the Wainscott Men’s Club gave the land to the district and that it has sat vacant ever since. In 2011, the land was appraised for $1.1 million.

If the district finds a buyer, the sale would be subject to a public referendum, Mr. Halsey said. For more information, call 537-0336. The firehouse and fire district office is located at 64 School Street in Bridgehampton.

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