Police: Thieves Targeting Air Conditioning Units In Remsenburg, Westhampton


Twenty air conditioning condenser units were stolen from outside homes in Remsenburg and Westhampton over the past two weeks, and Southampton Town Police think that the thefts could be related.

The string of robberies, which occurred between September 1 and this past Sunday, began with seven units reported stolen from two houses—one on Cedar Lane in Remsenburg and the other on Willowood Court in Westhampton. Both year-round and seasonal homes have been targeted by the thieves, who frequently leave behind the metal casing and take the interior parts, which usually include copper piping.

“Being that there’s an uptick, I suspect that there are probably some of the same individuals committing the thefts,” Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce said on Tuesday, adding that many of the units are being broken down and sold off to scrap dealers in the area.

The most recent report came from a Remsenburg man who said three Armstrong Air cooling units, with a total value of $5,500, were stolen from his property sometime between September 7 and Sunday. The man told police the units were stolen from the south side of his Ring Neck Road home, and he suspects they were taken for their copper parts.

Also in Remsenburg, a Stores Lane man reported that two condensers, valued at $3,000 each, were stolen from his home between September 3 and 11, and a Cedar Lane woman told police that three $4,500 Mitsubishi units were stolen from her home between September 3 and 10. A Remsen Lane man also reported that a Goodman condenser unit valued at $3,000 went missing between 1 and 4 p.m. on September 8.

Additionally, a pool service employee reported that two units were stolen from a home on Cedar Lane in Remsenburg between 6:30 and 7:09 p.m. on September 9. The worker said the metal casings were left behind but the interior parts were taken. The two condensers, a Lennox and a TFC, were valued at $3,000 each, according to police.

And in Westhampton, a Fiddler Crab Trail woman told police that a $2,000 condenser was stolen from outside her house between August 26 and September 10, while a North Quarter Road man told authorities that someone took apart a condenser on the south side of his house and removed its internal parts and copper piping. The victim said the unit was worth $1,100.

Burglar Assaults Man,
Steals Victim’s Money

A Westhampton man told Southampton Town Police that while he was asleep at around 11 p.m. on September 9, someone entered his Stewart Avenue home through an unlocked door and stole between $900 and $1,000 in cash from a pair of shorts lying on his bedroom floor.

The man told officers that he woke up and tried to stop the intruder, whom he described as an acquaintance, but the man punched the victim in the face and a fight ensued. The burglar was eventually able fend off the victim and escape with the money.

The victim did not require medical attention, according to authorities. Police are investigating.

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