Hayground School News, October 3


Hayground School The extended day program is in full swing. Programs include Greensong Wilderness Education with Ben Faraone and Chandra Elmendorf, Rock of Ages Music with Mick Hargreaves, Sewing with Erin O’Connor, After School Art and Ceramics with Wunetu Tarrant, Capoeira with Arjun Achuthan, and Hip-hop with Adam and Gail Baranella.

Lisa Maxwell’s students began their apprenticeships this week. Some of the places that students are working are Bridge Gardens, Mecox Dairy, ARF, Bookhampton, Perry Burns’ art studio, South Fork Veterinary Clinic, the Watermill Center and the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton.

There is a class dinner tonight, Thursday, for the parents with children in Liz, Marybeth and Erin’s classes. Parents will enjoy a potluck supper in Jeff’s Kitchen and then visit their child’s classroom and talk with the teachers.

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