Hayground School News, October 10


Hayground SchoolStudents in Marybeth Pacilio’s class are presently filling their “illustrator’s tool box” with various techniques that they can use when it comes time to publish their own books. The class kicked off its illustrator study with a viewing of the DVD, “Eric Carle; Picture Writer,” and considered the many things they could learn from this master artist and children’s book author. The students then learned about Carle’s process of painting tissue paper and how he uses it to make his iconic collages. They then tried their own hand at it. The children studied closely illustrations in stacks of books by Eric Carle and Lois Elhert and compared and contrasted their individual style and technique.

Liz Bertsch’s class has been having discussions about the comic strips of Charles Schulz. After reading the strips, the students analyzed their features such as frame, movement, color and perspective. They also created first drafts of characters with backstories and have displayed them for everyone to see.

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