New Speed Humps Installed In Bridgehampton


The Southampton Town Highway Department has installed three new “speed humps” in Bridgehampton to deter commercial vehicles from speeding in the residential neighborhood.

“Call them humps, not bumps,” said Town Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor, adding that they were installed at the request of the residents after years of complaints that drivers were speeding down the residential streets to bypass traffic on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton.

The humps, which are 14 feet long and rise 3 inches off the ground, were placed on Lockwood Avenue, Oak Street and Ocean Road, in the vicinity of Bridgehampton School. This week, Mr. Gregor said he can already see an improvement, noting that the humps were installed the first week of September.

“People are trying to avoid downtown Bridgehampton,” Mr. Gregor said. “We are trying to make them have a little discomfort and rethink the route.”

According to Mr. Gregor, the humps are low enough that a resident in a standard car will be able to safely travel over them at a reasonable speed without discomfort. However, he said, for commercial trucks and trailers, the humps could be a little harder to navigate, forcing the vehicles to stay on Montauk Highway.

The speed humps cost approximately $8,000 to install, but the town is being reimbursed by residents who agreed to pay for the installation. According to Mr. Gregor, the humps—which are the first installed in the town—are ideal for this location, but will not work in other areas of the town due to the high speeds on certain road segments. He noted that if a car traveling 40 mph were to hit the hump, it could create an unsafe situation.

While the humps are new, Mr. Gregor said he is happy to have them in place, and that they are working. He noted that there has been less traffic on the affected streets in the past few weeks, and that cars are traveling significantly slower.

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