Lynch, Unopposed, Seeks Reelection As East Hampton Town Highway Superintendent


Stephen K. Lynch, who is completing his first term as highway superintendent, is seeking reelection to his $83,285 post, a two-year position.

Mr. Lynch is running unopposed. The Republican, an East Hampton Village resident who has not held other elected positions, is cross-endorsed by the Democratic, Conservative and Independence parties.

He and his wife, Regina, have four children, Stephen Lynch Jr., Jimmy Bennett, Kyle Lynch and Bridget Lynch, and a granddaughter, Jaden Lynch.

An East Hampton High School graduate, Mr. Lynch said he is running again because he is dedicated to the town.

“With my experience and knowledge with roadwork, drainage, equipment, managing work crews and being able to think outside the box, I believe we can save the taxpayers millions of dollars over time,” he said.

Mr. Lynch points to several accomplishments in his current term, including upgrading highway equipment using federal surplus money to buy equipment at a lower cost, which he said saved about $1.5 million. Other achievements he noted include the following: repairing drainage systems that weren’t working properly, instituting a pavement preservation program estimated to save millions of dollars in the long term, and paving about 13 miles of road this year and extending the life of pavement through the use of oil and stone screenings done by highway workers.

He said the department also repaired sidewalks in many locations that had been neglected due to budget cuts. Capital projects are in place for the repair of infrastructure, including roads and salt barns, he said. Other achievements he listed were working with other agencies on a “multi-user fuel depot” and upgrading the town’s sign-making ability in a more cost-effective way by using a new overlay procedure that recycles signs.

“Having been involved over many years with multiple community service organizations, I have learned from and enjoy helping people,” he said. “I feel I am open-minded, willing to listen to ideas that may differ from my own and institute programs that ensure the public receives the very best for their tax dollars. I hope to continue and expand on the programs that have begun.”

Infrastructure is the greatest concern facing the town, he said. “From the buildings to the highways we must catch up to what was neglected over many years.”

Not only must repairs be made, but maintenance must follow, he pointed out.

“We must preserve and keep our community the hometown, beautiful place that it is by caring for our resources,” he said.

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