Springs Community Notes, October 17


Suddenly, this October, I am noticing an extra welcome spring in my step, as I wake up to embrace the day. The clean, crisp breezes flowing into my still open window make everything feel fresh and alive. The gentle sun as it filters in through the rustling treetops with their ever changing hues are hypnotically enchanting and unexpected, a pleasing morning’s meditative respite. Soon, I’ll be inspired to begin a daily morning exercise regime—but, not today, too much to do. Perhaps tomorrow … ahem!

If you are a friend or admirer of Kris Warrenburg—and there are plenty—and haven’t already heard about it, you won’t want to miss the goodbye party at Ashawagh Hall tonight between 5 and 8 p.m. A talented artist, graphic designer and photographer, Kris has been a big part of the Springs/East End art scene since she came to live here in 1998. I’ve seen her work in tons of shows throughout the years, and agree with the description on her website which states, “Her paintings reflect a desire to find peace and evoke it in her audience.” She will be returning to her home state of California, and tonight’s party gives her many friends a chance to get together with her before she goes. It’s a potluck, and finger foods, nibbles, and wine contributions are encouraged and appreciated. Good wishes, Kris! I’m sure you will be missed.

The weekend art show posted on the Ashawagh Hall website is Vito DeVito for Saturday and Sunday. Sorry, but as of this writing, that’s pretty much all I know. I would guess the reception is probably on Saturday, early evening-ish. An appeal to those with upcoming events at Ashawagh Hall: Please send me the details a week ahead, and I’m happy to help promote it.

Those never tiring, always enthusiastic, talented cooks of the Springs Community Presbyterian Church are at it again this Friday with another offering in their well-conceived series “Friday Night Take-Out.” Simple, yummy, and inexpensive (only $10 each): pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, and apple square. The pickup time is 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the church located at 5 Old Stone Highway. Stay tuned for more Friday Night Take-out planned sporadically throughout the fall and winter months.

I drove by last weekend and noticed a ton of books piled up on the tables under the tents at the Springs Library. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It’s always worth a stop at this incredibly sweet library run entirely by dedicated volunteers who are as helpful as they are warm and welcoming, I imagine that the late Elizabeth Parker Anderson who was the last private owner and willed the charming home to the town “to be used as a library for the people of Springs” would be delighted with how it evolved.

On the National Register of Historic Places, the Parsons Ambrose House (aka the Springs Library) is also home to the Springs Historical Society. There are lots of great books and other media to borrow and/or to purchase at fairly low prices. Most interesting is an ever growing collection of well-written pamphlets on historic Springs, its people, and special places for just a few dollars. I love my collection, and intend to gather them all. For an inexpensive unique gift idea (only $10), a deck of historic playing cards offering old photographs and tidbits on each card make an intriguing, nostalgic keepsake. Please visit www.springslibrary.org for visiting hours and details.

My friends who have little ones tell me that they enjoy the cozy story hour that is offered every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. While the weather is getting cooler, but still lovely, our historic hub is one of the nicest spots to spend a little quality family time … Refreshments at the General Store or Barnes Country Market, feeding the ducks at the pond, catching the latest art show at Ashawagh Hall. Simple, peaceful, and pretty are all Springs adjectives that spring to mind, not to mention, lucky!

In closing, it’s that time of year again when The Press is looking for nominations from readers for its Community First award. Most of us are fortunate enough to know people who truly stand out in selflessness and dedication toward making our world a better place and being a part of the solution. Surely, they deserve recognition. If someone is springing to mind, please take the time to write about this individual and why they should be recognized. The deadline is October 25, and all nominations should be emailed to Kim Covell at kim@pressnewsgroup.com. The selected outstanding community member will be featured in the Hamptons Holiday supplement and a donation will be made to the winner’s charity.

Until next time, have a happy week!

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