AEMT Karen Haab Honored By State Firemen’s Association


The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) recognized Springs Volunteer Fire Department member Karen L. Haab, an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, on Saturday for her heroism when she saved a man’s life at an Amagansett Beach on August 4. Ms. Haab was presented with the FASNY EMS Provider of the Year medal, pin and plaque, tokens of the association’s highest honor. According to the FASNY, Stuart Herman, the man whose life was saved, was reunited with Ms. Haab, who was about 20 feet from the water’s edge when she noticed Mr. Herman was being removed from the water. In a matter of seconds, she stabilized his head and then began doing CPR. After the victim was dried off and the defibrillator pads were placed on him, CPR was continued as he was placed in a collar on a protective back-board. A quad vehicle was brought to the location by another lifeguard. Mr. Herman was then placed in the back with the former EMT maintaining stabilization and CPR being performed by Ms. Haab. After shock was given, there still was no pulse and Ms. Haab continued CPR. After the Amagansett Volunteer Fire Department arrived and shocked him again, his pulse eventually came back and he began breathing on his own. Ms. Haab has been a member of the Springs Volunteer Fire Department for 12 years and an AEMT for 11 of those years.

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