East Hampton Trustees Hire Counsel Regarding Zweig Revetment


Two weeks after the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals granted homeowner Mollie Zweig permission to build a rock revetment at Georgica Beach, the East Hampton Town Trustees, who opposed the application, hired an attorney.

Trustee Clerk Diane McNally confirmed on Monday that the group, in response to the ZBA’s approval, had gone ahead and retained counsel. She said she could not comment further as the Trustees were advised not to speak about the matter until things got underway.

On October 11, the ZBA approved Ms. Zweig’s request to replace an old stone groin with a sand-covered rock revetment on her beachfront property on West End Road. Members of the board agreed that leaving the inefficient stone groin would leave the property and the dune behind it unprotected.

The Trustees were not pleased with the application, wanting Ms. Zweig to go with a soft solution instead, and had taken issue with the application, claiming that the land where the revetment is proposed to be installed is Trustee owned.

The ZBA said it has no jurisdiction in determining whether the area belongs to the Trustees and said that “the benefit to the applicant in this instance outweighs the generalized concerns that the proposed revetment [would] have a long-term detrimental effect on the surrounding shoreline,” the board determination reads.

A few days later, Ms. McNally said she was not sure if “it is going to turn into something legal,” adding that such a decision would depend on the wording of the ZBA’s determination and the advice of the Trustees’ legal counsel.

When asked about whether or not the Trustees would appeal the ZBA’s decision, she said she could not say nor comment on the decision.

“I can’t answer that,” she said. “I’m not at liberty to say.”

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