East Hampton Town, Village To Build Joint Fuel Facility Using $400K State Grant


East Hampton Town and East Hampton Village plan to use a $400,000 joint state grant to build a shared fueling facility for their vehicles, replacing what State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. has called “aging and inadequate” fuel stations scattered across town.

The old facilities will be closed, and the new fuel depot will be built near the town’s highway yard off Springs-Fireplace Road, next to the waste disposal facility. The total project is expected to take about 14 months, according to Charlene Kagel, the town’s chief auditor. The first six to nine months will be for design and permits, and bidding is expected to begin in the next few weeks. Construction, she said, may begin as soon as the summer of 2014.

The award comes from the Local Efficiency Grant Program, which is administered by the Department of State and provides grants to local governments for projects geared at municipal efficiency and saving money, such as through shared services. It will cover nearly half of the $833,000 total estimated cost for the project, according to Village Administrator Becky Molinaro.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the grant, one of 68 given statewide through the program and part of $4 million awarded in total.

The town had conducted a study that concluded that a new joint fuel facility would result in significant cost savings for taxpayers, Mr. Thiele said. The savings are expected to come from a lower per-gallon cost for fuel, the consolidation of multiple depots into one, and upgraded fuel inventory control and billing. Above-ground technology is anticipated to reduce environmental impacts.

The station will be equipped with a generator to allow it to remain open in the event of a power failure, and it is to be designed in accordance with local, state and federal requirements for toxic and hazardous materials.

“This is an example of how municipal governments can cooperate through a shared-services model that benefits the taxpayers of both jurisdictions,” said Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson. “As you know, this now totals over $900,000 in Local Government Efficiency awards this administration has received in 2013 alone and is a clear template for future administrations to follow.”

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