Water Mill Community Notes, November 21


Every year in the Thanksgiving edition of Grist for the Mill, I try to include some thoughts from readers about the things for which they are grateful. Over the years, I’ve gotten some wonderful responses and hope this year the tradition continues. If you’ve got some thoughts or memories of Thanksgiving, please send them along to grist@pressnewsgroup.com.If you were out and about on Saturday evening and noticed some people doing some strange things, you may have come across some of the competitors in the annual Water Mill Community Club scavenger hunt. The theme this year was beaches and the stops along the way included Meschutt Beach, where competitors had to do a bean bag toss; Towd Point to cast a fishing line into a hoop; Sunrise Sunset Surf Shop to hula hoop; Salty Home to play Kadima; Fowlers Beach to open and eat a clam; and the Whalers’ Church where a team member had to stuff as many marshmallows as possible into his or her mouth. The person earning the dubious honor of most marshmallows, managed to squeeze in 16. In addition to the required antics at each stop, the teams had to collect 26 items, a list that included a clam knife, a clam rake, swimmies, beach ball, swim fins, a turtle and starfish.

The organizers of the event were thrilled that the turnout was terrific this year with 11 teams participating. At the end of the night, Jill Raynor, Karen Raynor, Kristin White, Meredith White, Emily Raynor and Toby Sherrard emerged as the winning team. Jason Krzyzewski’s team came in second, followed closely by Sandra Piazza’s team. The Raynor/White team has graciously offered to be the committee for next year’s hunt. The committee sends a big thanks to Strong Oil, Hampton Coffee and Evolution Fitness for donating prizes for the winning teams.

Are you a musician who’s always dreamed about performing in front of an audience but just can’t break out of the garage? Now’s your chance to show off your talent.

A “People Say NY” event will be held at the Shoppes at Water Mill on Saturday, November 23, at 6 p.m. (in the space above the old Citarella). Performers—comedians, musicians, DJs, poets, and professional audience members—are encouraged to step up to the mic for an evening that is described by organizers as “nothing but love, support, and inspiration to be shared.” Artist Alexandria Lira will have her work on exhibit and comedian David Rey Martinez will host the show. Wines at Water Mill will offer a wine tasting. There’s a $5 cover, and only 20 slots to fill. Please arrive early to reserve your spot. For more information, call (954) 240-0505 or e-mail peoplesayny@gmail.com.

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