Hayground School News, December 5


Hayground School

Students in Julie Fanelli-Denny’s Invention Class have been researching questions about the Rainbow Loom. They found a New York Times article about its inventor, Cheong Choon Ng. The students were amazed to discover that the loom was inspired by Mr. Ng’s daughters who were using their fingers to weave their bracelets. When Mr. Ng, a mechanical engineer, found that his fingers were too big to make bracelets he knew that he had to devise a way to make bracelets without your fingers as the main ingredient, and so the Rainbow Loom was born. The class decided to create a folder entitled, Inventions in the News, where they will keep any articles they come across about current inventions or inventors around them. They will also collect any articles about inventions that students are interested in researching at home or in school.

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