Mark Poitras From Sag Harbor Ambulance Company Trains Future Generation


Name: Mark Poitras

Call number: 7-15-56

Resides in Sag Harbor

Age: 37

Company: Sag Harbor Ambulance

Role: EMT-CC, and he is also a Suffolk County EMS Certified Instructor Coordinator (trains people to be EMTs at Sag Harbor Ambulance’s headquarters)

Number of calls responded to in 2013: 130

Number of years volunteering: 9½. Mr. Poitras was named the 2009 Sag Harbor Ambulance Member of the Year.

Why did you get involved with the local ambulance company?: “I thought it was a great way to connect with other people in Sag Harbor and give back to the community.”

What do you find most rewarding about the experience?: “We get to see people in their dire sense of times … We’re able to be supportive and help people out. … I really do enjoy helping future EMTs become EMTs.”

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