After Weather Washout For Sandcastle Contest, Clamshell Foundation Selling T-Shirts To Raise Money


The cancellation of the Clamshell Foundation’s annual Sandcastle Contest on Saturday, August 2, has left the East Hampton nonprofit organization short on funds and in need of donations.

Rain washed out the Atlantic Beach event in Amagansett for the first time since its founding 23 years ago, and now organizers are trying to figure out how they will raise money going forward for 2014.

“We’ve paid all our bills, and now we get rained out. It’s really not so great,” said Clamshell Foundation Executive Director Rosetti Perchik. “We’re looking for donations. That’s a fact.”

The Clamshell Foundation was started in 1992 to support those who make their living from local waters, such as baymen, crabbers and clammers.

The Sandcastle Contest, which began in 1992, raises about $4,000 to $5,000 each year for local organizations. These funds go toward a variety of programs, including East Hampton High School environmental scholarships, the town’s Junior Lifeguard Program, the East Hampton Historical Society, the East Hampton Town Trustees, holiday turkeys for church food banks, and many other causes.

Funds are raised at the annual event through entry fees and the sale of T-shirts.

The rain date for this year’s Sandcastle Contest, Sunday, August 3, was rained out as well on the soggy weekend, leaving the organization with no other choice but to wait until next year.

“You can’t just move it to any other day that you feel like, because you have to get permits from the Town Board, and it takes a Town Board resolution, and you have to get permission from the Trustees,” Mr. Perchik said. “You can’t just do that. There’s 15 events every weekend here, and everybody’s already overwhelmed. It’s kind of a problem.”

However, all is not lost. Mr. Perchik said the foundation is still selling T-shirts on its website, T-shirts that would have been sold at the Sandcastle Contest, and now is urging people to buy anyway to help support the organization.

Mr. Perchik said that next year he’ll consider having the rain date on the following weekend instead of on the next day in the event of another weekend washout.

To donate money to the Clamshell Foundation or to purchase a T-shirt, visit the organization’s website at

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