Success Of Traffic Calming on Noyac Road Remains To Be Seen, Business Owners Say


Construction and repaving on the curve of Noyac Road in front of the Whalebone General Store and Cromer’s Market in Noyac was completed at the end of July, and business owners and customers have mixed opinions about its effectiveness.

The goal of the project was to make driving safer on that portion of the road by slowing traffic down and by separating the parking area for Cromer’s and the Whalebone from the road. About 300 feet of new roadway was added to lessen the severity of the curve, and a concrete median was installed in front of the two stores to set off the parking area so that cars will no longer be backing into oncoming traffic when pulling out.

Additionally, a new turning lane was added on the westbound side of Noyac Road exclusively for cars pulling into Cromer’s. Stop lines and other markings were also painted on the newly paved road to direct the traffic flow.

Tony Lawless, owner of Cromer’s Market, said the median has made parking much safer for customers, but he added that he has not noticed traffic slowing down. “I think people will get used to it. It’ll just take a little time,” he said. “[Southampton Town will] probably have to tweak it over time. They still have a few little things to do.”

Next door at the Whalebone, owner Linda Heine agreed with Mr. Lawless. While the parking situation is definitely safer, she said, customers still come into her store and comment on how fast cars go around the curve.

“I think it remains to be seen whether it’s better or not,” Ms. Heine said. “We’re trying to have a positive attitude and hope for the best.”

Construction of the curb began in May. Ms. Heine said last month she had never been a supporter of the project, especially after business slowed down while it was under way. Mr. Lawless also said the timing was not right, as it was at the height of the summer season.

On Tuesday, many customers going in and out of Cromer’s said they were pleased with the results of the construction, however.

“I’m satisfied,” said Peggy Richards of Sag Harbor. “It’s much better than what it was.”

“It was necessary. There was so much going on before,” said Wojciech Sobolewski of Aquebogue. “Change is good.”

Steve Karmiol of Sag Harbor agreed that the project has improved that area of the road, but said he found all the road markings to be excessive. “It’s better,” he said. “But it’s not perfect.”

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