Hampton Jitney Partners With Fighting Chance To Offer Free Bus Rides For Cancer Patients


Patients suffering from diseases such as cancer will have one less thing to worry about in upcoming weeks when the nonprofit organization Fighting Chance and the Hampton Jitney finish a fundraising project as part of a new partnership.

Fighting Chance, which is based in Sag Harbor, and the Hampton Jitney are currently crowdsourcing for funds that will go toward securing about 200 Hampton Jitney tickets for cancer patients to use when they need to travel with a caregiver to Manhattan for treatment. Currently, Fighting Chance has a volunteer program with the same objective, but Duncan Darrow, the founder of the organization, said that having the Jitney on board will make for a more convenient and less expensive means of travel.

“Transportation is a big issue,” Mr. Darrow said. “I think it will be a good thing for health care on the East End.”

The entire project will cost $6,460. The Jitney is funding $4,000 of the total cost, and it will donate $30, the equivalent of a one-way ticket, for every $10 Fighting Chance raises. The latter organization is responsible for coming up with the remaining project cost.

GoodCircle, an East Hampton organization that links small nonprofits with larger businesses, is collecting all donations until August 29 at goodcircle.org/projects/fighting-chance.

Mr. Darrow said that many cancer patients go to the city for second opinions about their diagnoses, or for highly specialized treatments at institutions such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYU Langone Medical Center and NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center. And because patients often go with at least one companion, train tickets for two people, or two round-trip Hampton Jitney tickets, can be costly for just one day of traveling.

That’s where the Fighting Chance founder got the idea of partnering with the Jitney, one of the most popular forms of transportation to New York City from the Hamptons. He sought out GoodCircle to make the initial connection with Hampton Jitney President Geoff Lynch, and the rest took off from there.

Joan Overlock, co-founder of GoodCircle, said she was pleased when Mr. Lynch decided to partner with Fighting Chance, as she too stressed the need for transportation aid to cancer patients on the East End.

“We took him through a draft of the project and he jumped on board,” she said. “When an organization like the Hampton Jitney steps up and makes a generous, generous offer, it’s important that people know about it. They’re truly getting behind this partnership.”

In an email, Mr. Lynch said that Hampton Jitney tried to form a similar program in the past, but that administrating it “became unwieldy” for the company.

“Hampton Jitney is proud to be partnering with Fighting Chance and GoodCircle on this project,” Mr. Lynch said. “With Fighting Chance we have a dedicated organization on the East End to administer the travel program and with GoodCircle we have an innovative method in which to help fund the travel for those in need.”

After fundraising ends at the end of the month, Mr. Darrow said he expects tickets to be distributed as soon as Labor Day weekend. And if the program is successful, he hopes that the Jitney will continue to offer its services to East End cancer patients.

“Our goal is to help as many people with cancer—free of charge—as we can,” he said. “I think this will be a big event for Fighting Chance.”

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