East Hampton Town Recycling Center Reopened To Commercial Debris


The East Hampton Town recycling center was reopened on Monday to construction and demolition debris after that portion of the center’s operation was temporarily shut down last week by order of the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The reason for the shutdown was that the facility at 260 Springs-Fireplace Road in East Hampton was overloaded with debris that could not get carted away, according to East Hampton Town Highway Superintendent Steve Lynch. He said garbage haulers were having difficulty getting permits, which caused a backup of household garbage on the East End last month.

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell said the closure was ordered on Tuesday, August 12, following a DEC inspection of the site. The recycling center began accepting construction and demolition debris again on Monday, Mr. Lynch said.

“We just had too much. We can only have so much,” he said on Monday, adding that most of the remaining commercial debris at the recycling center was trucked out during nighttime hours last week.

The dumping of construction and demolition debris at the East Hampton recycling center is for residents only. This debris is limited to materials used in carpentry and masonry, such as bricks, drywall, plumbing fixtures, roofing shingles, electrical wiring, pipe and metals.

Annual permits for commercial dumping at the East Hampton recycling center run from $150 to $300. A no-permit dumping fee of $25 per trip is charged in addition to other charges based on weight and for certain recyclables.

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