Bridgehampton CAC To Ask Town Board To Restrict Leaf Blower Use


The Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee approved a resolution on Monday night asking the Southampton Town Board to restrict the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in the hamlet.

Resident Steve Jones led a discussion involving two doctors from Huntington about their own campaign in Huntington Town to restrict leaf blower use during summer months. Nancy Walter-Yvertes, co-chair of the CAC, said Bridgehampton residents are concerned with, and bothered by, the loud noise that the machines make.

Ultimately, Ms. Walter-Yvertes said, residents agreed that the machines do not need to be used from May 1 through September 30, as there is not an abundance of leaves as there is in the autumn and winter months.

“They make a lot of noise. They’re twice the [permitted] decibel level,” Ms. Walter-Yvertes said. “They’re not necessary.”

The CAC is set to submit its suggestion to the board in writing this week.

Several villages in the region have established restrictions on the use of leaf blowers. Because Bridgehampton is part of unincorporated Southampton Town, it will be up to the Town Board to take any action affecting the hamlet.

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