In East Hampton Village, Georgica Restaurant And Lounge To Close


Georgica Restaurant and Lounge is rolling up its swanky white-on-white tablecloths and lengthy VIP guest list after Labor Day.

But this time, it’s for good.

The restaurant and nightclub, known for its young and beautiful clientele, is calling it quits after six years as a nightlife destination in East Hampton Village, according to owner Antonio Fuccio.

“We just felt that the time was right,” he said in an email. “Most new hospitality brands don’t last more than two or three seasons in the Hamptons. We are extremely proud to have completed six successful summers.”

It’s true that many restaurants and nightclubs don’t make it very long. To name a few, 103 Montauk Highway in East Hampton Village, where Beachhouse most recently was, has been home to close to a dozen restaurants and nightclubs, most recently the Players Club, in the past 10 years, while 126 Main Street in Sag Harbor has changed hands from New Paradise Cafe, to Madison & Main, to Doppio, which is still open, all within roughly five years.

Mr. Fuccio said when it first opened, Georgica was something of a trend-setter as far as nightclubs go here, shaping the hospitality industry for years to come.

“To our credit, we just wanted to be able to end our run on our terms,” he said. “For us, this isn’t a sad thing. I think ‘bittersweet’ would be the better term to describe it. We are very proud of what we created and the memories we are leaving behind with the Georgica brand.”

Mr. Fuccio said he has no future plans to reopen, given how recently the decision to close Georgica was made, but that the season will end on a high note.

As an end-of-an-era bash, Mr. Fuccio said customers can expect an “authentic Georgica experience,” complete with high-quality food, prepared by this year’s executive chef, 19-year-old Greg Grossman, as well as a DJ and dancing from Friday through Monday.

“For now, we’ll just treat Labor Day weekend as a celebration of all the good times that have been had over the last six summers at Georgica. We’ll figure out the rest after the season is over.”

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