Quogue Community Notes, September 11


There is a beautiful synergy in the ever-blossoming relationship between the Quogue Library and the community it serves, and in the fluid mechanics of that relationship’s inexorable forward momentum.By providing such a wide range of interesting, enriching and quality of life enhancing programs, the library manages to satisfy residents’ hunger for knowledge and understanding while at the same time whetting their appetite for more such programs and stimulating their intellectual and cultural curiosity, and their interest in further learning. This intellectual curiosity and interest in further learning, of course, begets more interesting and stimulating programs from the library.

And so it goes.

A look at programs scheduled at the library over the next nine days provides a good example.

First up will be an informative lecture on hearing by local Board Certified Doctor of Audiology Christopher Beuhler on Saturday, September 13, at 2 p.m. Topics Dr. Beuhler will cover include hearing, hearing loss, tinnitus, difficulty hearing over background noise, and the most recent advances in available treatment options.

Time permitting, there will be complimentary hearing screenings/consultations following the lecture and audience Q and A. Register for this free program by calling the library at (631) 653-4224, ext. 101.

The next day, on Saturday, September 14, the library will offer a lecture by Anthony W. Robbins on “Art Deco New York: From the Chrysler Building to the Grand Concourse,” at 3 p.m.

The design term art deco can refer to anything from saltcellars to skyscrapers, produced anywhere in the world during the early decades of the 20th century using abstract, stylized floral, geometric, or streamlined design.

In New York, art deco evolved through a series of Manhattan skyscrapers into the city’s chief architectural language. Following a massive reawakening of interest during the 1970s, New York’s deco buildings today survive as prized remnants of a distant but at the same time modernist past that still helps to define the city’s visual identity.

Saturday’s lecture will cover the great skyscrapers of architects Raymond Hood, William Van Alen, Ely Jacques Kahn and Ralph Walker, including the Daily News, Empire State, Irving Trust, General Electric, American Radiator, Barclay-Vesey and RCA buildings. Mr. Robbins will then trace the adaptation of this “skyscraper style” as seen in apartment buildings on the Bronx’s Grand Concourse, airport terminals at LaGuardia Airport, the Central Park West residential skyline, automated midtown parking garages, diners, hotels, department stores, banks, and such theaters as Radio City Music Hall.

The free lecture is made possible through the support of the Speakers in the Humanities program of the New York Council of the Humanities. Registration protocol is the same: call the library at (631) 653-4224, ext. 101.

Fast forward to next week, when chef and organic farmer Patty Gentry, courtesy of the Quogue Library, will offer a tour for all ages of the Early Girl Farm, starting at 11 a.m.

The meeting place will be at the Early Girl Farm stand at 177 Montauk Highway in Center Moriches, and children will get a private tour of the farm, meet some of the farm animals, and see some of the many benefits that come from “home-grown.”

More information about Patty Gentry and Early Girl Farm is available online at www.earlygirlfarm.com/index.php.

On Friday, September 19, at 6 p.m., the library will offer a talk by Dr. Chris Gobler of the Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences on the Shinnecock Bay Restoration program.

The objectives of this program, launched in 2010, include enhancing the natural filtration capacity of the ecosystem with bivalve shellfish, expanding the remaining eelgrass beds and enhancing natural nutrient removal while discouraging harmful algae through the deployment of microalgae.

As alert readers will have already surmised, registration for this talk can be effected by calling (631) 653-4224, ext. 101.

Then, on Saturday, September 20, at 3 p.m., it will be time to “Celebrate the Genius of Buster Keaton” at the library with a program of exciting, fun-filled, silent movies from the great silent star. More on this one in next week’s column.

For the young ones age 7 and up, there are two more Thursdays for traditional outdoor yard games at the Quogue Library: today, September 11, and next Thursday, September 18, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. both days.

The yard games will include hula hoops, an obstacle course, hop scotch and Twister. Register by calling—you guessed it—(631) 653-4224, ext. 101.

And don’t forget to check out the September exhibition at the Quogue Library Art Gallery, “Kevin Teare—Reel to Reel,” on display through Monday, September 29.

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