North Haven May Require Its Own Hunting Permits


In an effort to keep track of who is hunting, and where, the North Haven Village Board has proposed a local law that would require all individuals to obtain a card from the village in order to hunt deer within its borders.

The cards issued by the village would be separate from the permits from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that hunters already are required to have. Hunters will be able to receive a card by calling Al Daniels at Village Hall, who will put the names of DEC-permitted hunters on the village’s approval list at no charge. Homeowners will have the final say in approving whether or not an individual can hunt on or near their properties.

Mayor Jeff Sander said that issuing the cards will help the village keep track of who is hunting and where, not only for reasons of safety but so that residents will know when someone will be hunting nearby.

Recently, the DEC reduced the setback for bow hunters, from 500 feet to 150 feet for vertical bows and 250 feet for crossbows, allowing them to hunt closer to homes than previously allowed.

The village will hold a public hearing on the proposal to issue cards at its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 7, at 5 p.m.

“We’ve been hunting deer through DEC permits for past 20-something years. It’s just what we’ve been doing, but with a little more control,” Mr. Sander said. “If we feel there’s not a lot of objection … we’ll probably go ahead and pass the law then.

“I think, in general, homeowners are in favor of this,” he continued.

Mr. Sander said the proposal comes after much discussion from the Village Board, which has sought to pass such a law for quite some time. On occasion, the mayor said, residents do complain about hunters being on their property with no warning, but he said no specific incident sparked the proposal.

The local law will come almost in time for deer hunting season, which begins October 1 and continues through the rest of the year. Mr. Sander said that after December 31, people will be able to hunt in the village under a deer nuisance permit, which is issued when residents raise concerns over deer being near their home.

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