Directors’ Properties Sell In Georgica Area Of East Hampton


In August, two properties once belonging to famous motion picture directors sold in the Georgica area of East Hampton.

Steven Spielberg quietly listed a vacant parcel on Apaquogue Road for $24.5 million, according to the New York Post. Mr. Spielberg had purchased the property back in 2008 and tore down the existing six-bedroom home, originally constructed around 1900. The 3.2-acre parcel has been left undeveloped since then, but that is soon to change. Mr. Spielberg sold the land in the beginning of August for $21.25 million to an LLC titled “Skylight East.” Not to worry, the director still has two other properties on Georgica Pond as a fallback.

Less than a half-mile away on Georgica Road, Hannah Pakula sold her house for $3.5 million. She is the widow of Alan Pakula, director of films such as “The Parallax View,” “All the President’s Men,” “Sophie’s Choice” and “The Pelican Brief.” Mr. Pakula lived in East Hampton from 1979 until his death in 1998 when a metal pipe fell off a tractor trailer on the Long Island Expressway and smashed through the window of his car.

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