Amagansett School, September 18


Amagansett School

Pre-K 3 students have been busy. Several students have celebrated their special days. They also started their first themes week, during which each student brings in something that pertains to the theme and shares it during circle time.

Pre-K 3 and 4 created a bulletin board that reads, “With heart and helping hands a child can accomplish anything.” Surrounding the quote are each child’s hands that they painted in class.

Kindergarten students worked on patterning, sorting and classifying this week. They sorted and classified balls by attributes and listed words to describe them to create a chart that is now hanging in the classroom. The class also began reading nursery rhymes such as “Ring Around the Rosie” and “Roses are Red.”

Students in third grade interviewed a classmate. The students wrote a summary of the interview, which can be read on the bulletin board outside the classroom. This activity allows the students to learn about one another.

Fifth grade students created a shadow box filled with items that represent themselves. Each student wrote about his or her shadow box explaining what the items represent, such as a talent or interest. This allows students to learn each other’s likes.

The character education quote of the week is, “Be the reason someone smiles today.”

Kindergarten students created ability bags. The students take home the bag and fill it with three items that describe their abilities. For example, to show they are a good big brother they can have a picture of their younger sibling. A dog biscuit may show they take care of their dog. A lego creation shows they are a good builder.

Students in Mrs. Brussell’s reading classes have been very busy. Fourth-graders have been learning about the Cherokee, fifth-graders are learning about the inventor of Hershey and sixth-graders have been reading “The Lightning Thief.”

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