Sag Harbor School Board Looking For Advisory Committee Members


The Sag Harbor Board of Education is searching for new members to serve on several advisory committees that report and make suggestions to the board on a number of subjects.

In a message to the community, School Board President Theresa Samot invited anyone with expertise and knowledge of athletics, communications, nutrition, health or wellness to contact District Clerk Mary Adamczyk with a letter of intent by Monday, September 22, if they are interested in joining one of those respective committees. The board is also searching for individuals to sit on an educational facilities planning committee as well as a wall of honor committee.

According to the district’s website, committee members are responsible for conducting research and analyses on their particular topics to make recommendations to the Board of Education, and they can also serve as a resource for board members when they have to make decisions pertaining to those particular subject matters.

All interested parties’ letters will be sent to the School Board for review. No interviews will be held for the positions.

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