East Hampton Library Budget Soundly Approved On Saturday


The East Hampton Library’s 2015 budget vote passed on Saturday, September 20, with 83 percent support. Overall, the budget proposal received 124 votes in favor and 25 votes against.

Residents of the East Hampton, Springs and Wainscott school districts cast their votes on three separate ballots for the proposed $2,216,421 budget, which represents an increase of $85,553 over last year.

East Hampton residents approved the budget by 78 percent with 81 voting yes and 23 voting no. Springs residents approved it by 95 percent with 35 yes votes and 2 no votes. Wainscott gave 100 percent support to the budget with 8 residents voting.

The library’s tax rate for each school district residence reflects the assessed valuations of homes in each area. The tax levy for the East Hampton School District is $80,450, for the Springs School District it is $17,488 and for the Wainscott School District it is $6,255.

The increase reflects upgrades to the library’s facilities as well as administration, personnel, programs and contracted services.

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