Budgets Pass For Libraries In Bridgehampton And Sag Harbor


Operating budgets for both the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton and the John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor were approved by voters this week.

The Hampton Library’s budget passed on Saturday, September 27, with about 88-percent voter approval. In total, 47 voted in favor of the budget, while six voted against it.

The approved $1,551,700 budget for 2015 represents a $22,300—or roughly 1.5 percent—increase from the 2014 budget. Hampton Library Director Kelly Harris had described it as a “modest increase” and said on Saturday that she was pleased with the outcome of the vote.

Residents in Bridgehampton and Sagaponack also elected five new trustees to the Hampton Library board on Saturday. All of them had run unopposed. John Vendetti, Dr. Louise Collins, Tom House and Jackie Poole will represent Bridgehampton on the board while Matthew Rojano will represent Sagaponack. Their three-year terms began on Wednesday, October 1.

The John Jermain Memorial Library’s $2,399,812 2015 operating budget overwhelmingly passed on Monday, September 29, with 198 voting in favor and 32 voting against it. The 2015 budget reflects a $171,367—or roughly 7.7 percent—increase from the current year’s.

Sag Harbor residents also elected three trustees to the library board in an election with six candidates. Incumbents Ann Lieber and Jackie Brody will be joined by newcomer Ann Sutphen, all of whom begin their three-year terms on January 1.

Also running for one of the three empty seats on the board were Susan Sabin, Robert Hooke and Caleb Kercheval.

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