Side By Side Child Care News, October 23


East End Kids

Side By Side Childcare

The Busy Bees classroom has been buzzing with lots of fun fall activities this month. The class is learning about the color orange and triangles. The class enjoys singing songs about Halloween and especially loves music class with Miss Christine on Fridays.

The Leap Frog classroom has leaped into fall with lots of autumn related arts and crafts. The class created hand-print pumpkins, painted fall trees and made candy corn pictures.

The Mighty Ducks decorated the hallway with Spooky Cats for “C” week. The class has been enjoying the warm fall weather and spending time playing outside.

The Minnie Moose classroom went on a nature walk to collect fall leaves. The students used the leaves in singing “Five Little Leaves” to reinforce the letter “F” and the number five. Cooking is a favorite weekly activity in the classroom. The children loved making French toast as a special snack for “F” week.

The Friendly Fish are enjoying collecting labels to add to their Environmental Print Board in the classroom. The children are excited about decorating the classroom for Halloween and created paper plate monsters to hang on the bulletin board. However, the hit of the week was a bowling party in the classroom. It was the perfect way to have fun and get some exercise on a rainy day.

The Zippy Zebras loved Candy Corn Fun Day. The class played a candy corn number matching game, counted candy corn and made candy corn pictures with puffy paint. The children created Frankenstein Faces for “F” week and are excited to display the pictures in the classroom as a Halloween decoration.

All the classrooms learned about fire prevention from Myles Robinson, a classroom aide and a member of the North Sea Fire Department. The children were thrilled to meet a real fireman and to learn about the job of being a firefighter.

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