Sag Harbor Elementary School News, October 23


Sag Harbor Elementary School

Second-graders, under the direction of art teacher Meg Mandell and Spanish teacher Shannon Marr, presented “Los Colores” at Morning Program, in which they demonstrated what they had learned about colors during their integrated Spanish/art instruction. The students sang a song and used a spinning color wheel to demonstrate the various colors based on their combined Spanish/art classes. Another presentation at Morning Program was part of the Spanish/music integration. Ms. Marr and music teacher Gavin Lahann read the book, “Go Away, Big Green Monster!” by Ed Emberley in a call and answer, or echo, manner. They then did the same with “¡Fuera de aquí, horrible monstruo verde!” which is the Spanish version.

On Friday, October 24, there will be no Morning Program to make room for the first of two assemblies that day, the first for students in kindergarten to grade two and the second for grades three to five. The assemblies are called Blue Project, presented by Jared Campbell, an award-winning singer/songwriter from upstate New York who has toured the country speaking at hundreds of schools and conferences. He reaches students through the power of music with songs he’s written. His message focuses on positivity and gratitude. Students are captivated not only by the music and lyrics but also by the videos that are projected to bring the listener into the songs.

At Morning Program, school counselor Michelle Grant introduced Red Ribbon Week, the national program that is committed to a drug-free America by teaching students how to make healthy choices. Ms. Grant talked about the difference between the choices we can make, using helium (healthy) and regular (unhealthy) balloons to demonstrate. Ms. Grant runs workshops for students about being healthy and making safe decisions. During Red Ribbon Week children will receive red ribbons to wear, as well as activities to do in school or at home. In helping students understand that making healthy decisions today ‘ties’ us to a healthy future, students and adults who promise to make healthy choices will be asked to wear a tie to school on Wednesday, October 29.

Two fourth-graders, Finn Goodale and Daniella Mussio, wrote a poem in two voices during their language arts class. The poem is about friendship and is called “Together” and they performed it at Morning Program.

The first workshop of Partners in Print takes place on Thursday, October 23, at 6 p.m. The topic is Drawing Meaning from Text. Partners in Print is for pre-registered Kindergartners or first-graders and their parents. There will be three more workshops on the next three Thursdays.

There will be no school for students on Tuesday, November 4, for a Conference Day and schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 11 for Veterans Day.

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