Griffin | Lukowski-Secari


Griffin | Lukowski-SecariJohn Griffin and Carol Lee Lukowski-Secari were married on Tuesday, September 23, at Conscience Point historic site and nature trail in North Sea.

Pastor Peter Larsen performed a simple outdoor ceremony near the monument commemorating the 1640 landing of the English pioneers at Conscience Point. The groom is a North Sea native and preservation activist, the bride is a riding instructor at a Quogue riding stable.

The couple met while shopping for groceries and began dating. Ms. Lukowski-Secari is an avid horse trainer and Mr. Griffin surprised her with an unusual engagement ring commissioned from Eric Messin, master jeweler at the Pelletreau Silver Shop, that had carved horses supporting the diamond.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom rode in a white carriage with matching black horses to Mr. Griffin’s family home in North Sea. About 50 guests met them later at Publick House where they were honored with many toasts to their good fortune at finding each other and future happiness.

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