Montauk Highway Repaving In East Hampton To Proceed At Night


The repaving project along a 1,500-foot stretch of Montauk Highway in the Amagansett shopping district will proceed during evening hours as originally planned, following complaints by some business owners who said that the disruption of repaving during daytime, off-peak hours would hurt their business. However, repaving of that section will, most likely, have to wait until next year, while the rest of the Montauk Highway repaving project is expected to be completed by the end of November.

In late September, the State Department of Transportation announced a $13.8 million project to repave Montauk Highway in East Hampton from Town Line Road out to Montauk. This included a 1,500-foot stretch of Main Street through the Amagansett business district. Due to the fact that the Amagansett section was considered a priority area, the DOT then suggested that the work be done during off-peak daytime hours to speed up the process, according to DOT spokesperson Eileen Peters.

The DOT asked for feedback from business owners and residents about the change in plans, saying that they would go ahead with the plan only if it was well-received. Last week, the department made the decision to continue the project only during nighttime hours to appease dissatisfied business owners and at the urging of East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell and State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr.

“At this point, it looks like that section will be handled next spring,” Ms. Peters said, referring to the 1,500-foot section of road though the Amagansett business district. She said that it might be possible for contractors to complete the work by the end of November, but that it is unlikely due to weather concerns. “There are so many variables, the weather being a major one,” she said.

Ms. Peters said that the work usually takes about five days, not consecutive. The road must first be milled to remove the old asphalt. Trucks would then return to do the repaving, with different equipment.

“It is specialized equipment that they need to use at night,” she said. “This section will probably be repaved in the spring when the DOT contractor has a chance to mobilize resources for nighttime operations.”

Mr. Thiele and Mr. Cantwell insisted that operations should only be done at night in that section of town and that business owners in Amagansett and their patrons should be afforded the same consideration as did those in Water Mill and Bridgehampton during the repaving of Montauk Highway in Southampton Town earlier this year.

“We made the request because we didn’t want the businesses in Amagansett to be disrupted. The street parking gets disturbed for a day or so,” Mr. Cantwell said last week. “We wanted Amagansett to be treated the same as all the other business districts that were repaved at night.”

Mr. Thiele said that there is still a possibility that the work in Amagansett could be completed by the end of the fall.

“I think that’s still up in the air, depending on the weather,” he said. “To me the major concern was the impact on some of the businesses in that area. If it gets done in the spring, that’s fine.”

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