Springs School News, November 6


Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Project Most’s new travel club, guided by co-advisors Martha Stotzky and Christine Cleary, just completed its first of six trips planned this year. The focus of Session 1 was “Egypt: Ancient and Modern Marvel.” Over the course of six weeks, travel club members learned about all things Egyptian (including mummies) and “wrapped up” with a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which houses 30,000 pieces of Egyptian art and artifacts. They also visited a Middle Eastern restaurant to sample some traditional Egyptian cuisine. The student travelers were Mia Pardini, Sarah Baylinson, Tiffany Farez, Hayden Edwards, Gavin Edwards, Brody Eggert, Evan Mendelman, Danielle Talmage, Katalina Rodriguez, Destiny Milnes, Mary Barros, Christian Brito, Brittney Guanga, Lina Guzman, Denise Alanis and Alexandra Londono.

Melissa Knight’s fourth grade class is studying the Iroquois and Algonquin tribes of New York. They learned about the crops they grew, known as the “three sisters” comprising beans, squash and corn. The students got local corn from the Bistrians stand and with the help of Mrs. Burge (Ian Burge’s mother) learned to shuck the corn, which they cooked in class.

The costume designers of the fourth grade 76 Pick UP Sticks Opera Company accompanied by Colleen McGowan and Andrea McCafferty traveled to local thrift shops to find costumes for this year’s opera, which is set in 1914. The set designers, with Lisa Weston and Ms. McGowan, measured the stage at Guild Hall to work out a plan for the set. This year’s designers will be working closely with artist Paton Miller.

Lindamarie Capatosto’s first grade and Valerie Policastro’s fifth grade buddy classes are performing a jazz version of The Three Little Pigs in Spirit Meet, with dance moves and a dramatic resolution. The first graders choreographed the show.

Principal Eric Casale took a bulletin stroll in the halls and is encouraging the students and teachers to check out the adventures of each class through their bulletins, outside the classroom doors. The fourth-graders posted realistic fiction while the first-graders reported on their recent field trip to Harbes Farm on the North Fork.

Jodie Hallman’s first-graders made homemade play dough, measuring, mixing, and following directions while using their new procedural vocabulary. The first-graders discovered that cream of tartar creates a chemical reaction, almost like glue.

Adam Osterweil had two winners in the Short and Scary annual contest. Eighth-grader Skylar Minardi won first prize while Rorey Murphy’s story won third place in the fourth through sixth grade competition.

Citizens of the month were third-grader Emma Tepan and fourth-grader Emily Kennedy, chosen for their leadership qualities and efforts in school, as well as showing kindness to their classmates.

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