Students Evacuated From East Hampton High School Following Threat


East Hampton High School was briefly evacuated on Wednesday, October 29, following the discovery of a message, one that appeared to be threatening, written on a mirror in one of the school bathrooms.

Although school officials said that the threat did not seem to be credible, East Hampton Town Police were called to the school at approximately 8:45 a.m. and students waited outside on the bleachers of the athletic fields for about two hours while the building was searched.

East Hampton Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo said that nothing suspicious was found inside the building, and that police have no suspects but were investigating the incident.

An automated telephone call went out to parents informing them of the ongoing situation at the school, as did a bulletin on the school district’s website.

“After a comprehensive search, the high school has now been deemed safe for students to return to their classrooms. Thank you to the East Hampton Police Department, administration and staff that assisted with this matter,” a message on the district’s website stated after class resumed following the search.

“We will always [err] on the side of safety,” Superintendent Richard Burns said after the incident.


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