Hayground School News, November 20


Hayground School

Dennis Gaboury and Tinahse Basa of ZimKids Orphans Trust, a non-profit organization serving the children and families in Zimbabwe, visited the school last Friday. Evolving out of a citywide toy competition, ZimKids Orphans Trust was founded by Dennis and serves a community in Pumula North, Bulawayo, with vocational and educational opportunities, medical care, education, and skills training. Tinashe and Dennis brought dolls that were made by the children of ZimKids to sell to our community. Each doll came personalized with a photograph and information about the child who made the doll. Each doll costs $25 and feeds the doll maker’s family for a month, and covers other important expenses. The children who purchase dolls are encouraged to write the doll’s maker and begin long distance friendships, which is an important part of the mission of ZimKids Orphans Trust. Hayground students Skyped with kids in Zimbabwe and shared songs and games from our different cultures.

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