Springs School News, November 20


Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Joan Branche led a rousing tribute to the veterans during Spirit Meet. The students whose families served in the military took center stage. The junior high chorus, led by Angelica Modica, sang for the attending veterans with the band directed by Ben Jones playing the national anthem. Hunter Eberhart and his sister Kailey introduced a film Hunter had made about his relatives in the service.

Third-graders are learning the “Fifty Nifty States” song by singing the state names in alphabetical order in Ashley Dellapolla’s class as part of their maps skills. The students posted their song on their website called, “What is new in our classroom,” for students to share with their families.

“Science guy” Sean Knight introduced first-graders to wind by using bubbles to show how wind can travel around corners, and how some areas outside have stronger wind gusts than others. Next week they will create anemometers to measure wind speed and wind vanes to study wind direction. The second-graders hatched milkweed nymphs from eggs. They learned about complete metamorphosis by studying darkling beetles, silkworms, wax worm moths, and painted butterflies. Now they move on to metamorphosis using the milkweed bugs.

Springs School in Action is back in action with Natasha Chavez, a fourth-grader, as the production editor of every episode, relieving teacher Sue Ellen O’Connor of her weekly worries. Natasha plans to highlight Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) and Veterans Day in her first show. The new opening for the show features an animation. The weekly show will be aired on LTV on channel 22.

The girls’ soccer team finished 6-4 this season led by the three leading goal scorers, Julissa Fajardo and Haleigh Bye on offense, and Jasmine Gomez on defense. Coach John Foster reported he was proud of their season.

PARP continues until November 25. Maeve Cleary was the fall winner of the theme contest with her idea of “rope in a good book.” Students in kindergarten through fifth grade participated in a Reading Rodeo PARP rally where they won bookmarkers for the class, while playing games of “lasso the librarian” and a “retell the story” relay. Jessica Vickers organized this event with a series of upcoming incentive programs planned.

Everyone is invited to the cheer on the turkey trot on Monday, November 24, at 9 a.m. to fund the school swim program and a Buckskill Skate Night. The distance is less than two miles, untimed, so everyone is celebrated as winners who participate in this healthy fundraiser. Participants are seeking sponsors for their run to maintain these programs. Students are collecting names now for sponsorship due November 21 with checks payable to the Springs School PTA.

The fourth-graders have been enjoying a new approach to interdisciplinary studies as they prepare for the opera this year. With Sue Ellen O’Connor, Colleen McGowan and John Gibbons, they are researching the local history of Springs to prepare for this year’s opera set in Springs 100 years ago. Thanks to Genie Henderson and LTV, the students have been watching vintage films of the area. Fourth-grader Isabel Mulhern’s sketch of Gardiner’s Island will be the basis for a 40-foot mural, assisted by artist Paton Miller and student set designers, as a backdrop for the upcoming production.

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