East End Child Care News, November 27


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November was a busy month. All of the classes learned about Native Americans, Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. The sounds of “gobbling” were heard throughout the school as the children sang their favorite Thanksgiving songs including “Albuquerque is a Turkey” and “Five Fat Turkeys Are We” in music.

The Mighty Ducks learned about dinosaurs for “D” week. The children created original dinosaurs and read dinosaur-themed stories. For Thanksgiving, the class created a Thanksgiving-inspired bulletin board to display in the hallway.

The Leap Frogs learned about the color brown this month. The children made handprint brown bears as a follow-up activity to the classic children’s story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” For Thanksgiving, the children created handprint turkeys and Indian corn pictures.

The Busy Bees have been buzzing about Thanksgiving. The students made turkeys using rectangle shapes and Bumble Bee inspired “Turkeys in Disguise” to decorate the classroom.

The Minnie Moose classroom was transformed into a Native American Village complete with a teepee, Native American clothing and drums. The children created Native American self-portraits and tissue paper turkeys to decorate the hallway for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Friendly Fish made King’s Crowns and Rice Krispie Treats for “K” week. A sensory center was recently added to the classroom and the children are enjoying playing in the bean-filled sensory table. To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the children created turkey picture frames and Thanksgiving placemats.

The letter “J” had the Zippy Zebras jumping for joy as they jiggled like jellyfish and prepared Jell-o for snack. As part of their study of Native Americans, the children made necklaces and headdresses in art and cooked fry bread. In addition, the children learned about the typical day in the life of a pilgrim and created pilgrim self-portraits to hang in the classroom.

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