Witnesses Pull Driver From Car As It Bursts Into Flames


A two-vehicle crash and resulting car fire closed Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton on Monday morning.

The crash occurred about 7 a.m. just east of the Bridgehampton Commons. An SUV and a dump truck struck each other head-on, reportedly after one of the vehicles skidded on wet pavement. The SUV then caught fire and was destroyed by flames before being doused by firefighters from the Bridgehampton Fire Department.

According to one of the occupants of the dump truck, Alberto Ramos, the SUV skidded on the wet pavement and hit the truck head-on. The two vehicles came to rest next to one another.

“We got out and looked back, and the other vehicle was catching on fire,” Mr. Ramos said shortly after the crash. “We pulled on the doors and pulled on the doors, but they wouldn’t open. I wrapped a cloth around my hand and tried to punch out the window, but I couldn’t, and the flames were getting bigger and bigger. So I grabbed a piece of metal on the ground and smashed it … and me and another Spanish guy pulled the man out through the broken window.”

Traffic was diverted around the crash scene but delays were minimal.

Southampton Town Police responded to the scene but did not have detailed information on the crash as of Tuesday morning.

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