Couple Accused Of Stealing Family Member’s Jewelry In Springs


A husband and wife were arrested by East Hampton Town Police on November 20 after investigators said they stole jewelry from a family member.

Jacqueline Cobb, 30, and Jason Cobb, 33, both originally from East Hampton, were arraigned in Town Justice Court on November 21. Both were charged with grand larceny in the fourth degree, a class E felony, after they were accused of stealing a pair of 18-karat white gold diamond hoop earrings from Ms. Cobb’s mother at her home on Lotus Avenue in Springs, and selling them. The earrings are said to be valued at a little more than $2,800.

According to a statement Mr. Cobb gave police, the family encountered financial hardship at the end of August when he and his wife both lost their jobs. The two had been living in a shelter with their young daughter but had been asked to leave due to “paperwork issues” and were forced to move back in with Ms. Cobb’s mother and stepfather.

In an attempt to make money, the Cobbs were selling “old [jewelry] that [Jacqueline Cobb’s] mom wouldn’t miss,” as well as Jacqueline Cobb’s own jewelry, at pawn shops in Riverhead and Southampton to help pay for food, gas and occasionally, Mr. Cobb’s heroin addiction, the statement said. “If I was sick, we would get some heroin, but the money wasn’t always used for drugs,” he said in his statement.

Ms. Cobb’s mother had contacted Town Police about her missing jewelry in the beginning of September after an argument between her and the couple.

According to a witness statement, Ms. Cobb said she’d lied at the time of police questioning and said her husband had found the earrings in a taxi and had decided to sell him, but later rescinded her statement out of guilt.

“I am truly sorry,” Mr. Cobb said.

Mr. and Ms. Cobb were each held on $250 bail, which they posted. Justice Steven Tekulsky also granted an order of protection barring Mr. Cobb from any contact with his wife’s mother.

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