Police: East Hampton Man Steals Friends Car, Threatens Him With Knife At Wolfie’s


A routinely quiet Thursday night, November 21, at Wolfie’s Tavern in Springs quickly became frenzied after an East Hampton man reportedly took his friend’s truck without permission, crashed it, and then threatened the friend with a knife, causing a lockout at the bar prior to the arrival of East Hampton Town Police.

Once at the scene, police arrested Kody Knudsen, 25, of East Hampton at approximately 12:45 a.m. on Fort Pond Boulevard and charged him with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a felony, and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor. His license had been revoked previously for DWI, police said.

Mr. Knudsen’s friend, a 25-year-old East Hampton man, told police that he had picked up Mr. Knudsen and his dog from John F. Kennedy Airport on the evening of the 20th and brought them back to East Hampton. Before heading home, the two stopped at Wolfie’s Tavern at around 11:30 p.m.

After about a half hour at the bar, Mr. Knudsen ordered two drinks and a shot, according to an employee’s witness statement, and asked the friend for his keys to warm up the car for the dog, according to the friend’s witness statement. After being gone for a few minutes, the friend said he saw Mr. Knudsen driving away in his 2004 Chevy pickup truck. The friend then tried, for about 45 minutes, to get in touch with Mr. Knudsen via cellphone but was unsuccessful. He then called Mr. Knudsen’s mother, who advised the friend to call the police.

Prior to the police being called, Mr. Knudsen arrived back at the bar with the truck, according to the statement, but the truck’s fender had been almost entirely torn off, and the passenger side had some substantial damage. “I was pissed,” the friend said in his witness statement. “I went to talk to the bartender to look at the damage, and [he] said we should go back inside.”

The two went back inside, according to the friend, followed by Mr. Knudsen, who came in and told the friend, “Let’s go.”

“I noticed he had a large knife in a black sheath attached to his belt,” the friend said in his witness statement, adding that Mr. Knudsen had brought the knife with him from Las Vegas, where he’d flown from prior to arriving at JFK.

The friend said he was hesitant to leave and said Mr. Knudsen was standing outside by the exit of the bar “getting more and more angry that [he] wasn’t leaving” and “began flipping the knife from his side and saying, ‘Don’t play around, let’s go.’”

Starting to feel “nervous” and “threatened,” the friend said he agreed to leave, allowing Mr. Knudsen to leave first.

“As soon as Kody walked outside, [the bartender] locked the door and called the police,” the friend said.

An employee also told police that as Mr. Knudsen exited the bar, the friend turned to him and said he was fearful that Mr. Knudsen would try to kill him.

Mr. Knudsen will appear in East Hampton Town Justice Court on December 4.

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