Traffic Study To Calculate Air Quality


For the past month, the State Department of Transportation has been conducting a traffic volume study on the South Fork, as part of a federally funded traffic data survey.

Motorists might have noticed sets of black rubber strips lying across main thoroughfares and highly trafficked back roads in recent weeks. The strips, actually rubber pressure tubes, track the number of cars that pass over them, tallying the traffic volume in small counters anchored at the roadside.

“These traffic counts can assist local governments with planning, they can be used for highway safety analysis on local roads, and can be used in the future for air quality planning efforts,” state DOT spokesperson Eileen Peters said. “These are several of 10,000 locations throughout New York State where this is going on. All local roads.”

Southampton Town Highways Superintendent Alex Gregor said the study began on the East End last month and includes a half dozen roads throughout the eastern half of the town, including Scuttlehole Road, North Sea Road and Sagaponack Road.

The highway superintendent also noted that the traffic volume data being collected by the state could be useful to local agencies in the future.

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