Sagaponack Community Notes, December 4


Now the fields grow lean and the hunter-gatherer begins to hunt. If you’re not hunting then you must be evolved—and Og feels very bad for you. It’s a good time for hunter-gatherers, because the deer are so many that Jeb and Og can almost walk amongst them and grab one with bare hands. But “almost” is the operative word. So we design and make things to sling or throw or shoot at the deer. So far, so good.But Og has a lot of confusion to cope with. The evolved people, the non-hunter-gatherers (or NHGs), say things like, “Boy, there sure are a lot of deer! I counted, like, 10 in my neighbor’s backyard.” But that’s it. They just make comment, no action. Og runs to get his spear, and then the neighbor yells at Og and says they don’t want a caveman killing anything on or around their property.

Now Og is bewildered, because one time this same neighbor invited Og for dinner, and there was a roast chicken. When Og asked what forest the tasty bird came from, the neighbor looked at Og like Og was insane. “Forest?” the neighbor answered. “I got it at the supermarket.” Og quietly wondered then: Who had killed the tasty chicken? And he thought it stopped tasting so good.

Even more confusion now, because Og eventually discovered that the evolved people, the NHGs, want to stop even Og from eating the multitudinous deer. Why? Og’s head hurts when he can’t understand. He has watched his neighbor grill fish and poach salmon (Og can only watch now—the neighbor doesn’t invite Og for dinner anymore). Og only eats fish when there are a lot of them; otherwise, it is too hard to catch one. But everybody else still eats fish. They have no idea how to spear one, or net one, or sink a hook into one, but they eat all the same.

Og no psychiatrist, but Og think he’s on to something.

Fish from store has no blood, so NHGs actually don’t realize they are eating a thing that lived and swam in the vast waters. They think they are feasting a vegetable that volunteered to be eaten, so they eat happily.

Og knows they full of food, and probably something else too. But Og no lawyer and doesn’t want to use that word in the newspaper.

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